Broony is here for 10 in a row, maybe beyond.

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Brendan Rodgers has backed Scott Brown to play until he is 40, something that would give the 31 year old Celtic Captain the opportunity to secure 9 more Premiership titles.

I don’t see us losing any of those as i see Sevco falling into a mountain of debt caused by their own maleficence, Mike Ashley’s impending compensation claim and the toxicity caused by a CEO who is a pariah among businessmen.

Rodgers went on to speak glowingly of the Scottish player of the year:

“I said to him that if you look after your body then you can go on until you are 35, minimum, and maybe even as far as Gordon, who played until he was about 40.

“It wasn’t by accident that guys like Gordon Strachan and Gary McAllister played for that length of time, because they looked after their body over many years.

“I didn’t see him (Brown) before but I had plenty of people telling me what he was like last season and he was probably just unfortunate with injuries and whatnot.

“It’s about fostering the mind-set in terms of being a top-level footballer, and in order for that you have to ensure everything about your life on and off the field is as perfect as it can be.

“So he readjusted his diet, took on board all the things we were looking to impose in here in terms of preparation, and that has then given him confidence.

“He naturally works hard anyway. He’s a boy who will run all day for you. I look at his body and his physical shape, and he’s in great condition.”

Broony said:

“I spoke to the gaffer when he first came and he asked how long he thought I could keep playing. And I thought, ‘great question’, and I was thinking maybe two years at the highest level.

“Now I’m thinking I can go three, four years easily. As long as I’m playing, enjoying it and as fit as I am, I don’t see why not.

“In the 91st minute at Partick I ended up on the left wing trying to close the goalie down. That has never been seen by me in the last five or six years.

“It shows that I still have that energy and desire to keep going for 90/95 minutes.

“We’re a lot fitter than we have ever been. We are scoring more goals, creating more chances, and we look like a right good team.

“It’s more intense training, short, sharp when it needs to be, but everyone’s had to open up their lungs.

“It’s been enjoyable this season but it’s been really hard. It’s been dedication from everyone as well.”

Brown’s dedication to the cause is undoubted and he stands 180 minutes away from his own slice of immortality.

Should he lead Celtic to an undefeated season it will never be forgotten and neither will he.

If it is an undefeated treble, then like Rodgers, he will survey Scottish Football without peer in a generation.

Watching the Captain has been one of the great joys this season, i hope Rodgers is right and we will be watching him gub Aberdeen and the other challengers in 2026.