A Legal Minefield

 Wednesday 3rd February 2016 COURT 5 Before MR JUSTICE PETER SMITH INTERIM HEARINGS LIST HC-2015-002185 Sports Direct International Plc v Rangers International Football Club Plc Thursday 4th February 2016 First Hearing P989/15 Pet: Michael Ashley for Judicial Review Brodies LLP Burness Paull LLP   In addition to the criminal proceedings which resume at Edinburgh High

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A Clumpany Statement On A Recent Statement

Good Morning. Here is a Clumpany Statement: “The Clumpany notes the bleating of a Sevco Fans’ Group (SFG) regarding the Herald’s action over columnists Graham Spiers and Angela Haggerty. Their statement has led to a predictable outcry from those craving a  daily lamb-free commentary on the pretend ‘Rangers Football Club’, for which service both Haggerty and

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Hard Pressed

There seems to be a competition going on in Scottish sports coverage for the most ludicrous copy of the year. Keith Jackson sat down to watch the TV coverage of the Australian Open final, and wrote his weekly column on the broadcast. There was no background information, no local colour, no analysis. No interview with Andy Murray. It

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Burning Bridges

Today’s proceedings in court exposed the myth of continuation. It debunked the duality. Mr Walker, for Charles Green, stated that only die-hard supporters of Rangers believed in this myth. It follows that Neil Doncaster, Alan McRae and Darryl Broadfoot are die-hard supporters of Rangers as they have accepted this myth. There is enough egg on

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Green’s Appeal

29th January CA196/15 Reclaiming Motion (Lord Doherty) in the cause Charles Green v Rangers International Football Club Plc DAC Beachcroft Scotland LLP for Green Anderson Strathern LLP for RIFC   Tomorrow’s hearing is very difficult to call. Prior to Lord Doherty’s decision, I assumed that Charles Green would have been indemnified by RIFC. His severance package was

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The guts of a million: PMGB

Due to my rather dramatic incarceration down the word mines, I have had little time for the Sevco saga recently. Therefore, I am late to all of this dear reader. I emerged this morning into the light under a foreign sky to the ongoing transfer window omnishambles. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Dirty Tricks

Good Morning. Chris’s Jack’s long reign as ‘King of the Intros’ may be coming to an end. Because Matthew Lindsay has seemingly launched a coup to try and usurp him, with one of the most laughable introductions to an article The Clumpany has read in some time. And I read a lot of articles! Frankly,

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