CC King’s Latest Scam

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“Rangers First and Rangers Supporters Trust currently own over 5% of the shares in
Rangers International Football Club PLC (RIFC).At the moment there are over 20,000 Rangers supporters who are members of and contributors to the various Rangers fan groups. Rangers supporters have contributed over £1.5m in the last 12 months.
As the supporters group will own shares in RIFC, it must be entirely independent of RIFC and the Club.  Rangers First 2014 CIC will become the shareholding vehicle for the new group.Existing shareholdings will be consolidated into this vehicle and it will become the vehicle for share purchases for the ISDX listing and going forward. 
The RST will proxy its shareholding votes to the CIC whilst consideration is given to a more permanent solution. All members of the RST’s Buy Rangers scheme will be asked to transfer their shareholding to this vehicle. 

 The destination for the monies raised by this CIC will be determined by contributors and members’ votes from a range of options put forward by those donating. Suggestions to date include  assisting the future financial performance of the Club.  

 Others have enjoyed four years of guaranteed income from European football while our Club has been deprived of this exposure and revenue stream. We urgently need to bridge the gap, bring excitement back to our country’s footballing competitions and ensure Rangers are restored to the top of Scottish and European Football and have the resources and management to compete on a level playing field when they get there. “


When you strip out the bombast and deflection, you can condense the board’s five page document into four short paragraphs. What the career criminal is proposing here is that a group of 20,000 individuals assist the financial performance of the club. Buying shares is no longer the focus. The focus is to give money to King and his board.  It really is that simple. If Rangers fans who contribute via direct debit cannot see what is going on here, they deserve to be ripped off.