Celtic fan Gavin Whyte sinks Israel in Nations League playing for the North of Ireland

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Celtic fan Gavin Whyte looks like one that we have missed out on, the former Crusaders man who plays as a winger or striker signed a 3 year deal with Oxford United after Celtic had shown interest, last night he scored with his first touch off the bench to help rout Israel 3-0.

A quick look at his Twitter feed will show Retweets of the King of Kings and Celtic’s own celebration after our recent 1-0 victory over the omnipresent Revolution from Ibrox.

Imagine the scenes if this Celtic fan came home and scored a double vs Sevco. “And Whyte sinks Rangers again!”

 There would be thousands of people buying strips with his name on the back before he had kicked a ball.

But seriously, best of luck Gavin and congratulations on your full debut, the Republic and Celtic are probably both wishing they had signed you up now.