Celtic fan McClean reveals disgusting hate attack on Twitter

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James McClean isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, he has the temerity to not wear blood stained poppies and is fiercely proud of his race, country and culture, things in the Brexit era paradoxically which are the hallmarks of the hate mongers who have singled him out for a disgusting attack.

He was sent a birthday card which then turns into a rant praising Hitler, singling out the Waffen SS in the hope they would liquidate Ireland, mocks the Hunger Strikers and victims of Bloody Sunday as well as calling the Irish ‘Subhuman, Parasites and Maggots’

As McClean posted himself, there are no words to describe people of this ilk.

Look at the extra writing in pen on the card.
The hate begins
Waffen SS? This person is no doubt offended McClean won’t wear a Poppy and wants the Nazi’s to liquidate a country.
He saves the worst for last.

I have screen shot and uploaded the pictures so they can be seen clearly, here is the original source, give Celtic daft James a follow and tell him what you think of cretins who write this filth. #CallItOut