Celtic FC has a duty to inspect Ibroxs with our own personel and independent engineers

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I haven’t been writing much of late, i am apathetic at the moment due to the lack of competition in the League and once the Scottish Cup warms up i am sure the treble fires will burn again.

But i have been woken from my apathy by the idea of a reader of this site being killed at Ibrox.

It is frankly disgusting to even contemplate it.

Phil came out with a brilliantly detailed account of the state of the Ibrox rooves waiting to fall in.

Read it here and get it shared: 656 at this stage, get it over 1000 and build the pressure.

He made a very good point of a nut potentially falling and killing a spectator.

Think of the weight times the distance?

I am not math major, but it doesn’t take Einstein to tell you it is a potential killer.

That Sevco are thinking of putting up nets in the winter to hold the roof from falling in on the deluded is a piece of pure fantasy.

In what world does Sevco operate?

Are they accountable for anything or to anyone?

Phil was extremely professional in his detailed account and the serious questions he said he would personally pose at the behest of concerned insiders to Holyrood and Glasgow City council.

Neither of these bodies can be trusted with the lives of Celtic fans, there are far to many Real Scots who if they were doing their jobs properly would have uncovered this years ago when Bampots started raising concerns.

This was of course followed years later by a partial collapse of part of a stand.

The game went on and the deluded pretended it didnae happen.

The authorities it seems have followed suit.

Celtic must send in their own personnel and an independent engineer to check the state of the roof.

If there is a serious danger of a recurrence of the earlier partial collapse then this could endanger life.

The game should be moved to Hampden and the repairs conducted or the roof torn down.

Rip out the asbestos while your at it and fix the structural faults.

Get wifi.

Then put the roof back on.

Mail the bill to King and blame Fat Sally in the Daily Record.

At the moment Sevco are a plank away from dying.

Seriously, if another part of their roof falls and kills someone the stadium will be closed, criminal charges brought against dozens of people including the whistle blowers.

They had better cut their deals quickly.

Then there will be damages to the victims family.

If half of what Bampots like James Forrest, CQN, John James and Phil Mac Giolla Bhain are saying about Sevco is accurate, then there is a much bigger blister waiting to burst.

King is one stray nut away from an audit.


It would likely make Craig Whytes court case look like parking fine.

Celtic have a duty to make sure that no Tim dies in the support of our colours. 

We have had today a terrible incident in Turkey, one that needs mentioned.

May all rest in peace. No one deserves to not come home from a football game. 🙁