Celtic in for McGinn, lets make it happen

John McGinn is one of those players you just don’t think is up to your standard but you are happy as hell he isn’t playing for your main rivals.

The Scottish Sun in an extremely hazy article has stated that Celtic are bidding for John McGinn, if this is true then we should try and get it over the line, if it is not we should be looking to sign him anyway.

The old saying is where there is smoke there is fire, the same can be said to be true about McGinn who is himself a target of a fair few clubs, we shouldn’t let a gem like this slip through our fingers.

We have 3 defensive midfield players on our books, our InVIncible Captain, Bitton and Kouassi, one is a legend in his own right, the other two are not as good as McGinn.

That we could buy McGinn for between 3 and 5 million pounds is auspicious inasmuch that we would make more than that by selling Kouassi and Bitton.

Why not sell two players surplus to requirements and bring a player who is proven as both a defensive mid and also as an SPFL player.

I don’t believe much of what the mainstream write but if they have a angle that Celtic are in the chase then it tells us two things, one there is no point linking Skintco as they can’t pay, 2 we just might be the next most likely.

The first of those is true as Gerrard is finding out now, if the second is true then Celtic should move to sign McGinn, he will only strengthenĀ our football team.




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