Celtic lay foundations for a generation of dominance

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Last night we saw Celtic not only put one foot in the door in the Champions League, we are 90 minutes from trousering the equivalent of  10 consecutive trebles in prize money.

Last year Celtic made £2.948m for winning the Premiership, £60,000 for the Scottish Cup and surprisingly, £200,000 for winning the Betfred Cup, or League Cup.

That is £3,208,000 for winning the treble.

At £50 a ticket x 60,000 fans, we will make £3m per game with a minimum of 3 matches, that means a cool £9 million just in gate receipts alone.

The prize money on offer is scandalous in Scotland, the riches in Europe are incomprehensible by comparison.

It would mean we would have to win every trophy between now and the end of the 2027-28 season to match it!

What this means for Celtic is simple, we have the ability to sign up all the players at the club to long term deals which in turn will only make their resale value higher.

Stuart Armstrong, James Forrest and Tom Rogic should all be signed up long term, with the latter two they both have 2 years on their current deals.

Rogic, in particular, is a gem that can’t be allowed to leave for anything short of a king’s ransom.

His background in Futsal was on show again last night as he unlocked their defence when most players would have looked to pass.

Forrest has gone from a player we wanted off our books to a player who must stay on them, his goals vs Rosenborg and Astana were gold dust.

Hopefully, he will have competition from Patrick Roberts before long, but enough of that saga, we are all tired of that one.

The riches on offer have a greater subtext to them, the manager can expect to have money available to buy players of the calibre and price of Scott Sinclair or Oliver Ntcham.

It has taken all of a fortnight to show why Rodgers wanted the Frenchman at Parkhead.

He looks a complete player, his pass to pick out Griffiths who in turn set up Forrest was a highlight for me.

He will only get better and value add to our club, we bought him for £4.5m and some people questioned it, in 12 months you can put a 1 in front of that number.

Across town, they will have no answers to both our business plan and our access to the mega cash on offer.

Indeed neither will Aberdeen or Hibernian who will likely finish above Them this year.

It is a wonderful morning to be a Tim, the future is ours.