Celtic match to go ahead, Sevco’s poverty set to postpone Them

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Great news for Celtic fans with tomorrow’s match vs Morton set to go ahead, it is a testament to the professionalism of our club not to say the hard work of our ground staff.

Across town, the lack of money means a lack of resources, which means that the Ibrox ground remains snowbound.

Unless a heatwave hits Scotland before Sunday we are unlikely to see the Newco take on Falkirk.

It appears that Sevco’s contingency plan for clearing the snow is to wait for the sun to come out, maybe club 1872 will ask for volunteers or donations to hire a bulldozer and some workers.

Yesterday, Twitter was again giggling at the 6-year-olds as  the activity at Ibrox included pushing a stranded car, whilst Celtic were busy clearing the snow.

Meanwhile at Paradise, the stadium is looking as good as it possibly can, the difference between our clubs is yet again on display with Celtic due to progress whilst the Peepul remain frozen out.