Celtic Park upgrade effectively torpedoes Sevco’s Hampden takeover Moonbeam

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The Peepul have been dreaming out loud about funding the desperately needed renovations to Ibrox by making the SFA tenants and charging them rent similar to the way Lindfield does in the North of Ireland.

Should the SFA decide that upgrading Hampden will be too costly and that another national stadium is needed, they look no further than Paradise for the answer.

The reasoning is compelling, for starters Celtic Park holds nearly another 10,000 spectators than the Govan ground, a new hotel is being built next door and a fan zone is also proposed for the stadium environs in the near future.

On top of all that Celtic are spending 4 million this summer to upgrade the facilities with more than just a lick of paint added, the lighting and amenities will be looked after and a world-class hybrid pitch installed.

With all of this on the table or in production if Scotland needs to play its national games somewhere or if League and Scottish Cup Semi-Finals and Finals need a world-class arena to be showcased then Celtic park is the obvious choice.

When this swathe of production is completed it will leave the elephant in the room, the main stand.

Should Celtic draw up plans for both the refurbishment of the existing historical stand and the construction of a new second tier, it would have the opportunity to make Celtic Park the largest club ground in the UK.

This would be particularly helpful should we ever move to the English Premier League, however in the interim if drawings were commisioned we would be in a position of being able to action plans that would make the idea of playing games at Ibrox look ridiculous.

Think of a 75,000 capacity stadium with state of the art everything across the road from a 5-star hotel, museum, superstore adjacent to a fan zone full of fervent supporters enjoying a wholistic gameday experience.

Juxtapose this upon Govan and its weed-filled abandoned plots and maze of drab high-rise apartment buildings.

Simply Celtic are already miles ahead, if there is ever a question of moving the National team, it must be to Paradise.

If it ever becomes a conversation Celtic merely need to commision drawings of the refurbished and upgraded main stand, it will blow their Hampden takeover moonbeam out of the water.