Celtic redevelopment hindered by Sevco’s poverty

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Peter Lawwell has stated in the Herald his hope that Celtic’s 7 year old plan to redevelop the area around Paradise comes to fruition and isn’t hindered by the political squabbling.

He went on to state that Celtic put a lot of money into both the Scottish economy and are a large employer in the City of Glasgow.

Lawwell went on to complain about “a reticence to support us and football” from political leaders.

Of course the political climate in Glasgow is one whereby every time we put in an application to develop anything, FOI requests go every where and paranoia grips half the city.

Lawwell gave an insight into the horse trading nature of Glasgow’s realpolitik:

“That is the nature of this city,” he said. “If you have Celtic who are progressive, say, and Rangers, over the last five years, have been trying to re-establish themselves, we have been looking forward and they have been looking at today and tomorrow and trying to keep going

“The difficulty for politicians is to recognise that Celtic is progressive and to help us because someone is going to say: ‘Well, you are doing that for Celtic. What are you going to do for Rangers?’ Clearly, it is politics and there are votes to be had. People are very wary of doing that. We have come to a point of coping with and dealing with that.”

‘Doing’ this for Celtic essentially means allowing us to spend our own money on property we have already purchased.

The plans are for a museum, hotel and even flats and represents a master plan for the complete redevelopment of Parkhead.

Juxtapose this on Sevco and Ibrox for that matter, the place is dump, inside and out.

The stadium is falling to bits and needs a new roof, the suburb of Govan is as handsome as its residents.

Nothing needs to be done for Sevco, when they have money they can build what they want.

Councillors should not impede the growth of our club, Parkhead or its residents.

When Sevco stop living day to day and finally have reestablished themselves, then Councillors can rubber stamp their casino or whatever 5 star fantasy the deluded think is coming.

Until then, the focus should be on our application coming from a club asking to spend more money on the City than the team across town spends on their team.

When Armageddon hit, Peter Lawwell stated that we are a club with a business plan independent of other teams, unfortunately there are still some who don’t believe that’s true.