Celtic TV’s disastrous coverage slammed by Celts

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Celtic TV dropped out for a significant part of the second half with Celts around the world unable to watch the match including the equalising goal for Ross County.

This was of course exacerbated by the fact that there was no way for Celts in Scotland, England, Wales or Ireland to watch the match as Sky put the Rangers game on instead.

Celtic TV has itself long thrown up 2 arguments:

  1. Should the club buy the domestic rights and then show all games on Celtic TV so that all 38 matches are shown regardless of what the broadcaster want to do.
  2. If we were to do this, how much would Celtic need to invest not just in the rights but also in the production to make sure the stream actually went out to the viewers.

Today was a disaster.

Celts on Twitter were far from happy, with the calls against illegal streams by Doncaster midweek, the SPFL and in fairness Celtic too should take a good long look at the quality and the price of the product itself.

Myself, I would love to see Celtic invest in the rights, I think we could easily make the money back, but not before we invest in the production, today was a shambles.

Celtic want to curb the illegal streams, buy the rights to all our games and invest in the equipment, the streams will soon run dry.

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