Celts are off to Tallaght for preseason friendly

Celtic will travel to Tallaghtfornia for a preseason friendly vs Shamrock Rovers among other matches that have just been announced.

Celtic kick off the preseason to SK Vorwarts Steyr as part of an 8-day training program before playing Shamrock Rovers on July 7th.

We then have a match against Belgians Standard Liege at home in Paradise on the 14th of July which will be between the first round of Champions League qualifiers.

The preseason will be relatively short due to the need to play 8 games to reach the lucrative group stages.

It has also been announced that Celtic’s under 23 team will be playing in a tournament with South Shields FC, Southampton and Marseille on the weekend of July 27 – 29.

Playing in glamour tournaments is one of the advantages of having an Under 23 team.



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