Celts call for Boycott

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Yesterday’s poll showed 95% of respondents want a total boycott of all clubs who do not want justice over the EBT years.

The asterisk must be applied, there will be no moving along.

Derek Rae writing in the Evening Times said:

It seems clear to me that there should be an asterisk placed beside the years in question where Rangers were artificially inflated by their use of EBTs, and to deny that, I think, would be churlish.

I’ve covered football in Italy and Turkey when they had their own cases of serious financial mismanagement at some of their biggest clubs, and there is no easy way of resolving these issues.

But whether title-stripping is the answer or not, the one thing that is for sure is that this is an extremely difficult period for Scottish football.

Derek has always been a man of the highest repute, his commentaries have been heard the world over and is the closest thing to an establishment figure to dare speak of the dreaded *

His article called for Scottish Football to come together, I believe we all must, not for moving along, but for not being churlish.

Weakness is always exploited, if we are weak now we will be exploited as the Shame did to all of Scottish Football during its Glory years.

The time to strip is now, the time to attack is at hand.

Every sponsor, every team and every game at Hampden must be made an example of.

In the latter, I don’t believe we should boycott Tierney, Griffiths, Brown and Armstrong, but by wearing black to show the death of accountability and refuse to buy all Scottish merchandise would make a point.

Hell, it worked for Sevco.