Celts flock post of Loyalist crackpot and Gazza

Image for Celts flock post of Loyalist crackpot and Gazza

The 2 people in the picture below are for mine emblematic of both Loyalism and the Oldco, with Bryson he is an embarrassment to his own culture, a narrow minded fool who paint his culture, politics and community with a shade of stupid that is comical, with Gazza, we have an embarrassment wrapped in a fall from grace shrouded in a veil of victimisation.

You can’t call him a junkie or a racist or point to him walking around with his junk out in a bath robe, or bring up his wife bashing, he can’t be criticised, it is a disease he needs help etc, well here the man with the invisible flute is mooching attention of a man trying to destroy the Irish protocol which would cause chaos in NI and Scotland with relation to exports and could put the Good Friday Agreement itself in jeopardy.

But hey lets get a cheeky snap with Bwyson.

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