Celts flood post from St. Johnstone SLO

Image for Celts flood post from St. Johnstone SLO

Celtic fans are extremely impressed with a gesture from St. Johnstone fans who whilst few in number were extremely well behaved whilst watching their team get a beating and also showed that they are kind in these tough times.

Celtic often have drives to raise food and this is actually distributed across Scotland to foodbanks themselves overwhelmed by the austerity emanating from Westminster.

As prices soar, shelves are empty and the full cost of both Brexit and the energy crisis meet, many children will go without the Easter eggs our own generation ate greedily on Easter and for days after.

It is a great touch from a club that has had a horror season after winning two cups last year.

They remain 6 clear of Dundee and should they win the 6 pointer against them they should find themselves in the play off place at worst.

Hopefully they stay up, a sentiment echoed by Ccelts, you can add your own reply on the original post.

Celts were on hand to wish St. Johnstone all the best for this classy gesture.

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