It is late at night and I am about ready to write something after a deplorable day, a really terrible performance from what i thought was a decent team selection.

I will explain that simply, if Lennon hadn’t played Laxalt he would have been slaughtered, with Paddy as the most match fit forward he had to start, with Ntcahm allegedly a big game player this was his time.

As it happened, none impressed.

There is a lot of panic and anger going around online at the moment but that only plays into their hands, i encourage people to listen to Alan Thompson, some of the replies are crazy.

A loss to an Ibrox club always hurts, but i think it is more the manner of the loss which has so many hurting, that said, I still believe Lenny is the man for the job and regardless of what anyone thinks, save a complete collapse he will not be replaced.

Like it or not, we need to back him, the board will not consider another option.