There are limits between patter and hate, often crossed in derby week and the inevitable fall out the week after, that in a game whereby The Rangers scored 4 goals against Celtic by 3 players from the African diaspora had little effect on one bigot currently with his post still up on twitter.

I have screenshot this as he also attacks a Tim with a homphobic attitude and demeans people with disabilities, please don’t waste your time tagging the SPFL, show racism the red card, the SFA or any of the media outlets as they honest to God couldn’t care less, nor can Celtic for that matter after last weeks “Fenian Cunt” wall of silence proved.

There are many quote retweets popping up highlighting this from Celtic fans, by all means do the same, if this goes without condemnation by the authorities then let us all put the practice of boycotting at key times away, it wasn’t as if Alf cared anyway.

He also is adding some extra titles to his dead teams lists.