The fall out from yesterday’s plea not to allegedly destroy the career of an up and coming Newco player by actually teaching him a lesson via a ban for flouting COVID rules has backfired spectacularly on Steven Gerrard.

Celtic fans have taken to retweeting his calls for lenience based on the players ability, something that wasn’t taken up by the media as they sat and listened patiently as always.

Celts on Twitter however were far less sympathetic.

If the SFA/SPFL give Patterson leniency based on Gerrard desperately needing him for the run in then it will open a Pandora’s box with relation to precedent, the lad knew the rules and he broke them, as did half of Glasgow down George square or walking around playing with themselves.

The punishment must stand, we are increasingly finding ourselves in a League with 2 judicial systems running parallel to each other, one whereby a club cant concede a penalty or get a red card and the other where the slightest infringement is pounced upon, enough is enough.