Celts viral slap down of Sevco troll wins the internet for the day

Image for Celts viral slap down of Sevco troll wins the internet for the day

The positioning by Sevco fans for the fall out of Celtic winning the League has been going on for a couple of weeks now, the 6 point buffer has settled upon them and the fear that the League isn’t in their own hands took over after Celtic won vs Ross County.

We are within grasping our 52nd title and no gymnastics about liquidation or deluded birthdays are needed, we have been the best team in the country by some way.

Chris McLaughlin who is kidding on that he is a journalist and a survivor of sorts is among the patter regularly on Twitter, those of you who have the app will have seen him swing like a pendulum between triumphalism and negativity.

Of course it depends on how the Newco are playing.

The idea that we bought the league is nonsense, the facts are that we spent less than we earned, by close to £10 million, we have rebuilt our team and made a profit doing it.

Compare this to the financial blackhole across the city that have produced one player in a decade and are swimming in an ocean of debt to claim one and only one top flight trophy is insane,

Should Celtic win the League, Ange will have more top flight trophies at Celtic in 9 months than they have in 5 years.

Jump on this thread, it is a belter.

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