CFC FTQ Banner has Ra Peepa hurting as ’56’ slips away

Image for CFC FTQ Banner has Ra Peepa hurting as ’56’ slips away

Celtic’s tifo today was unlike the Onion Bear equivalent, legible and easily understood as well as original and immediately recognisable by those who saw it and read its message.

This was a little too much for some wee dears who struggle with simple things like equality, demanding that wading through our blood unless we surrender to them is fine but that our abhorrence of a foreign queen is some how wrong.

She is the queen of England after all, not the queen of Scotland, nor Britain and only the head of state of the UK, not the queen of it.

That the woman who paid £12 million to get her favourite son off the unspeakable is lost on people who cannot ever stop talking about it.

It is almost as if they live in an alternate universe whereby they think that being loyal to a foreigner keeps them safe from foreigners, where throwing away their opportunities in Europe secures them in what they call Britain and whereby being loyal to the head of HMRC and over looking the child rape she protects her son from will possibly stop her from killing their club…again.

The banner was a belter, jump on this thread to sample their rage.

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