Champions League for the champions, 3rd European competition not needed

We have seen today that Celtic are among the clubs pushing for a 3rd European competition to be created so that the lesser likes of European Football can have continental matches.

This is a need borne of the cartel of clubs or associations that have a hegemony over the game and are slowly squeezing the term Champion from the Champions League.

We have seen changes whereby clubs like Celtic are forced to endure 4 qualifying rounds against the Champions of other Leagues whilst clubs that have never won a trophy walk straight into the group stages.

It is endemic of the money that now controls Football that there is a need to promote competition for the rest, as those at the top move ever closer to the super league of mega-rich clubs owned by multinational corporations and billionaires.

These clubs and owners have taken a working class sport and priced it beyond the reach of traditional supporters, I feel for the supporters of clubs like Arsenal who have to shell out 70 pounds or more to watch a team from the East End of London surrounded by people on their phones wearing Armani.

Liverpool too is a club whose own fans are from some of the poorest areas of Britain, they can neither afford a match ticket nor compete with the market for tourists who will pay anything for their Facebook life experience, selfy stick in hand seeing how many likes they can get for a post watching a team they know nothing about.

Having a world wide fan base as Celtic does is an amazing thing, having them snap up tickets and drive up prices is not.

That clubs who have by rights earned their place on the continent have their spots taken by clubs coming fourth in their league is a joke, the Champions League should be renamed the billionaire’s playthings league.

It has little to do with Champions and everything to do with making money for clubs like PSG who have no need or intention to ever break even.

We have seen in Scotland what happens when the bubble bursts, that Football now has to invent another competition below as those who can point to expenditure as a means of qualification take spaces at the top is a joke.

Soon we will see teams coming 8th in Spain and England qualifying for a competition that should be reserved for those coming first.

Indeed if there is to be a third trophy, mid table obscurity in one of the top 5 leagues will doubtlessly see you qualify for it.

Where will it end?



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