Charlie Adam’s £20 million moonbeam for Sevco reserve

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Sevco take on Brondby tonight in crucial match for the two winless teams in the Europa League, with so much at stake the Daily Record has found a walking headline to stir up interest to help pay Dave King’s loan back.

The funny thing is the £20 million man is actually on the bench, not quite worth the valuation of the man whose sister pants would go for more at auction than his signature on a contract these days.

Speaking in the DR:

The kid is good enough to be playing.

He is up against the skipper, but in terms of business, Tavernier would probably be the one that goes before Patterson if Rangers really want to realise the value.

They have laughed off £8million from Everton, so we are talking big money and a selling on percentage. For me, I still think that upside in terms of the value of the player can go through the roof.

He needs to be playing. Tavernier, club captain, has done a great job. He has wrestled the title back off of Celtic after a long time. He might be the one that says there is an opportunity to go down south.

When pressed on a figure, he said: “I think you are talking £15-£20 million before you even start to turn somebody’s head at Rangers.

It seems Adam is trying to sell Tavs and talk up Patterson at the same time, the fee quoted about Everton’s alleged interest was £5 not £8 million, but no one has ever cared much about getting numbers right at Ibrox.

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