Cheating Madden says No penalty still

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The Herald has begun the hard sell on Bobby Madden, preparing us for another 90 minutes of agony hoping that there is not an impending Honest Mistake around the corner.

There is a lot of anecdotal garbage not worth publishing and a human story about how he beat cancer.

But when the piece actually came to analysis he stated he would repeat his call of No penalty, between Clint Hill and Leigh Griffiths.

More to the point, he called Griffiths a liar saying he “maybe misquoted” him.

“I could see the ball was played [by Hill] and as soon as I see that I can’t award a penalty kick,” said Madden. “Yes, you can argue ‘is the contact with the man first?’ but my thought process is that if you play the ball going in for a challenge then it’s okay.

“I couldn’t make a percentage call in there. It’s only after when people see replays then people start to comment and that’s all part of the game. You can see me on TV saying twice he played the ball. Leigh maybe misquoted me.”

I smell shite.

If we are to believe this guff then Madden condones fouls around your waist as long you “play the ball going in for a challenge then it’s okay.”

Moreover he doesn’t make percentage calls or check with his linesman for that matter, preferring to say that a straight red and penalty is instead an instance of playing the ball.

He then calls Griffiths a liar, i don’t believe Leigh misquoted Madden, had he done so the time to refute that was the day after, not the day before a Final.

I could go on about the man with no hair and his funny handshake all day, but instead i will let the footage do the talking.