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Chris Sutton has hit the nail on the head: “Derek Johnstone is an embarrassment to the media profession. He’s an apologist, he’s a charlatan, he’s a Rangers puppet, he’s a cheerleader, that’s what he is.”

Listen to the “Rangers” legend Derek Johnstone get Skelped by the fiery Tim below.

What a performance!

I remember when Dunfermline handed the Oldco the title on the last day of the season 6-1 ,back  in 2003.

Celtic beat Kilmarnock 4-0 but lost the League by a goal on goal difference.

Chris Sutton said what everyone was thinking, Dunfermline laid down.

He was subsequently given a 1 match suspension to go with the 4 weeks he got for abusing match officials the same day.

His spite however for Derek “Cheerleader”Johnstone was top draw Sutton.

“The problem you have Derek is that you don’t tell the truth. You backed Charles Green and you backed Craig Whyte!”

The man who berated Ronny Deila more than any other pundit, actually has credibility. Johnstone then complained about the veracity of the attacks from Sutton to which Sutton replied:

“It’s called having an opinion. You’re a charlatan.”

He repeatedly told Keevins and Johnstone that he had balanced opinions and that Johnstone was an embarrassment to the profession.

Johnstone hit back limply saying that Sutton was telling ‘Porkies’to which Sutton gave him and opportunity to elaborate.

Johnstone of course could offer no examples.

It has been a long time coming but finally someone has put the sycophants in their place.

The absolute garbage we have to listen and read in the SMSM is nauseating.

That Derek “Cheerleader”Johnstone accused Sutton of being overly negative was laughable, the Evening Times for which Johnstone regularly features has to be the most negative fanzine ever concocted.

The Shark Jump as Phil has labeled it is the lowest form of literacy this side of thumb painting.

I can feel the brain cells jumping off the cliff like lemmings every time i click on a sensationalist argument featuring Celtic in some way.

The 6 degrees of separation journalism whereby Messi likes chocolate milk, Haliday likes chocolate milk and both are born in a month which doesn’t have 29 days in it can lead to a headline “Haliday and Messi’s strengths come from shared birthright”.

Ol Cheerleader himself would be proud of that.

Of course after clicking on the link there would be Mark Warburton holding a placard with Season ticket renewals written on it.

Derek Johnstone is not a journalist, he is as Chris Sutton said an embarrassment to the profession.

The sooner Chris Sutton has a talk back interview with Michael Gannon and Keith Jackson from the Daily Record the better.

Throw Chris Union Jack in for a chat with the renown Hunskelper, he wont last.

Chris Sutton is taking the Lamb Corp to task from the inside.

He may be an Englishman but he is far from establishment material.

That he has rounded on Derek Johnstone so completely and from the outset of an interview is astonishing.

If he continues his offensive against the “Charlatans” then this season just got a whole lot more interesting, finally someone is saying what Bampots have been screaming for years.

“You’re a party political broadcaster Derek, you’re an embarrassment, you shouldn’t be on the radio.”