Chris Sutton slams “worst refereeing performance I’ve seen in Scotland”

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Chris Sutton has said what everyone was thinking yet again with a tweet about the performance of Bobby Madden, he was rotten today with all the 50/50 decisions going the Newco’s way and an amazing amount of leniency with relation to fouls, in particular for Bassey and Lundstram who could of had 4 or 5 yellow cards each.

In the end it was a goal from an offside position which sealed Celtic’s fate, in truth we didn’t do ourselves any favours by wasting possession and with a reserve keeper in goals we never tested him with a shot on target, our goal was even off a deflection.

The lack of a final ball was a scandal, we simply didn’t do the little things right and despite taking the lead we gave it away and then managed to throw away the semi final.

That said, the referee was horrendous, Madden is actually a better referee than Beaton and Robertson in my opinion and even better than Collum and Clancy, it was as if today he was out with instructions to actively referee worse than usual.

Rogic was fouled out of the game, Bassey wrestled players to the ground as did Aribo, a lot has been said that our midfield was toothless but when it is being defended against as if it were a game of rugby it is little wonder.

Celtic must now regroup for Ross County away, call me a sceptic but if this is how a SFA referee is going to come out in a Semi Final then expect the Derby to be postponed.

Just saying.

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