Chris Sutton’s controversial call over VAR is a spot on

Image for Chris Sutton’s controversial call over VAR is a spot on

Chris Sutton has taken to video on BT sport and called for the only sensible thing that can actually be done with VAR in Scotland.

That is to say, put it on ice until such time as we have competent officials.

The calls for referees to declare their allegiances as is common place in England have been championed by many Celts for as long as anyone can remember.

Now the men in black can not only hide up in the box but do everything possible to either chop goals off or add them on depending on which team is playing.

Hand ball doesn’t exist anymore if your name is Connor Goldson and there is confusion as to who is actually in charge whenever Beaton has the whistle.

Hopefully we can get foreign officials to run the VAR, it is a good system elsewhere, the dodgy lines and weekly optical illusions would soon evaporate should we have independent referees operating the system.

Even though we are bossing the league, in the last derby at Ibrox we had a clear handball not given and a Newco player tread on Starfelt for a penalty, in anyone’s book those changed the 2-2 result.

Enough is enough, shut it down until the SFA and SPFL either get their officials to act with dignity or we import people who have it.

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