Christie must stay, Celts singing in the rain, Zombies season slipping away.

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Well, that was an edge of your seat game the likes of which we haven’t seen at that level since Manchester City 2 seasons ago, we were frankly magnificent!

Ryan Christie was a revelation, I know KT was man of the match and few would take it off him but for mine Christie’s energy in attack and his terrier attitude in defence was the glue which held the team together in midfield.

He was box to box on and off the ball and his assist showed his attitude on the pitch, he never gives up a half chance, he is always there and thereabouts sniffing for an opportunity and he laid it on a plate for Eddie.

Since coming on in the second half of the Semi-Final vs Hearts he has been amazing, a Bhoy who has been overlooked over and over again looks worth his weight in gold.

We reportedly turned down advances for Ntcham worth 10 million Euro from Porto, Christie looks twice the player Olivier is in both attack and defence.

There is talk of a new contract and the lad hasn’t agitated for a move away, he wants to stay at Celtic, let’s hope the club give him another 4 years on top of the 8 months he has remaining on his current deal, he really is a gem.

Across the continent in Russia we saw Slippy take a 3-2 lead into half time and throw it away in the space of a couple of minutes in the second half.

The press will scream about an incorrect offside call but will likely overlook a stone wall penalty the Russians didn’t receive.

The wheels have fallen off across town, the loss is particularly problematic for Them as it means they will likely have to beat the Spaniards to get out of their group, should they fail to do so there will be no transfer kitty for the already impoverished club.

With Celtic turning our domestic form into a European performance Celtic fans can again dream of Continental Football after Christmas.

It is highly likely that we will be going into the transfer market come January, should we still be involved in Europe, who knows Boyata may sign a years extension as Armstrong did and allow the club to make some money off his transfer, if he does, he could pick up a treble and play on in Europe.

Tonight was an earthquake in Scottish Football, Celtic are back throwing punches in Europe, Celtic Park is again being spoken of as a premier venue in the continent and the team across the way has now got wins over St. Mirren and Hamilton, both in the last 10 minutes to show for their last 5 matches in 3 competitions.

The natural order is being restored before our eyes.