Seriously the club created in 2012 which claims to have existed 140 years beforehand is back with a crayon and on Twitter embarrassing itself as is its penchant.

The war between The Rangers and everyone that doesn’t agree with them has heated up with club 1872 taking to Twitter to attack 3 statements of pure fact in the hope of reducing them to fiction.

Let us go through them one by one with some back links for reference.

Here Rangers News reports that 7 million in loans (to cover losses) were converted to shares.

Here is The Sun reporting on the same 7 million with an article called:


Club 1872’s Rangers shareholding has halved in just over two years

On the third issue about Financial Fair Play they are actually correct, there is no such thing in Scotland and the shareholders of this wretched wee company and the law abiding tax paying clubs who compete with them have been putting up with this for too long.

Maybe it is about time this “stupid question” became the main topic in the sport going forward, we can’t have everyone in Scotland having to wait and see if the Newco qualify for Europe to make ends meet till the season ticket money comes back around.

Once again anyone with access to google can dispel their claims, that a club which has had its shareholding halved doesn’t remember this is one of two things, lies or stupidity.

You pick, I say it is both.