Cold shouldered King threatens from afar

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The Rangers chairman Dave King has finally been cold shouldered after his months of intransigence against the charges against him, charges that he admitted at the death whilst playing the victim card to the horde.

The absent Ibrox chairman has been cold-shouldered by the takeover panel and is himself a financial pariah, all dealings with those who are cold-shouldered are illegal and his continued presence in Scottish Football threatens every deal in the game, at least those held by businesses with a stock listing.

That we will trade (play football and allow them to earn gate receipts, sponsorship and TV revenue) whilst their chairman is curtailed from doing business anywhere in the UK is not just an issue, it is a crisis.

Clubs like Celtic pride themselves on having audited accounts, paying their bills, turning profits, being within FIFA fair play regulations and having self-sustaining business models.

That our closest rivals have no need for any of these is a scandal, not so much for us, but for every other team competing in Scottish Football, when will the SFA simply demand that everyone plays on an even playing field?

Should King escape sanction we will see yet more disgrace heaped upon the game which surrendered its dignity the day it embraced the survival lie and pretended that holding companies and clubs are somehow different, with words like ethereal, metaphysical and concomitant coming into the daily vocabulary of football fans scrambling to find a dictionary to understand Sevco’s latest excuse for being the same club.

It is time common sense was applied to King, he must be removed as chairman, I couldn’t care less what happens to his holding as it is technically worthless, give it to the Onion Bears or Club 2012, no one will buy it.

But with Brexit looming and uncertainty abounding, the last thing the SPFL can deal with is losing sponsors or TV rights due to a pariah, himself the new elephant in the room.

If King is allowed to stay, then hell mend the SFA.