Cold-shouldered Shame must be thrown out of pyramid

Any business such as Celtic FC plc cannot do business with a cold-shouldered business without drawing the wrath of the stock exchange, in a matter of hours this label will almost undoubtedly be applied to The Rangers International Football Club and the only plausible option is their expulsion from all forms of the game.

This is not a Celtic issue, this is a Scottish Football issue, the SFA itself has many sponsors who have been at times hard to find along with broadcasting deals and merchandising.

If the SFA allows a cold-shouldered entity to operate within its structure, i.e the Scottish Football pyramid, it is allowing those who can’t be traded with to trade, something that puts all corporate deals for all of its other members at risk.

This is no different to the moving along with the Big Tax Case, just because the media and games powerbrokers wants it to happen doesn’t mean it is legal, there can be no Lord Nimmo whitewash with this one.

Sponsors not just of the guilty club but those of the teams who play (trade) against them will be guilty of NOT cold-shouldering them, broadcasters who help them trade by showing their games will also be in breach by allowing them to earn valuable money from the broadcaster directly.

No one will be allowed to trade with ANY business which shelters a cold-shouldered individual which Mr. King will become in a matter of hours, with Easter upon us there will be no opportunity to release a detailed and audited prospectus come 5 pm tonight.

As April Fools Day greets us with the usual pranks, unless one of them is Sevco have audited accounts in the black and Mr. King has £11 million in a secure and audited account to avoid cold-shouldering, then the only option open to the SFA is to suspend the loss-making subsidiary of TRIFC until it complies.

That would mean forfeiting the rest of the season providing all teams due to play them with 3-0 wins, the Scottish Cup Semi Final included.

Of course, this won’t happen, if it were any other club it would have happened already.

There is the perceived quick fix of just jettisoning Mr. King, this overlooks the others who were in concert to this share heist, even if a buyer is found he or she must also offer the £11 million to the shareholders who were duped by these charlatans.

Those particular Bears are themselves waiting for payoffs for soft loans meaning the cost of buying Rangers is not just their shares, it also their loans plus the 11 million quid offer, a total that will in all likelihood be in the region of £30 million.

With Celtic miles ahead on and off the field and the Peepul demanding success in the short, medium and long terms, any prospective buyer would either be stupid, staunch or likely both.

This club has been a failure since its birth less than 6 years ago, it has consistently survived on last minute deals from MASH’s £5 million through the soft loans and now to Close Brothers, if the rules are applied to this particular Govan club, it will be headed in the direction of the last before the season ticket money comes in to buy back their pie stall.




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