Colombian Sebo hands us 7 in a row

The Peepul have lost on multiple fronts today, firstly on the field 3-2 to 10 man Celtic, secondly, their fantasy about their golden buffalo has cost them any form of credibility if they ever had it.

Morelos Sebo style miss in front of goal will long be remembered in Scotland, maybe it will even knock a couple of million off his transfer worth from the fantastical numbers we were quoted in the recent weeks.

Unicorns and Lions may adorn the passport of the UK, they are also likely to march onto the pitch and beat Celtic before we see the Newco win against Brendan.

The host club is scared of him, they have deep scars, it will take years for them to heal and their squad will likely have been replaced several times over before then.

Murty’s men got a lucky break when Boyatta inexplicably tried to beat his man and gifted the Newco their first goal.

Rogic then scored a belter, itself another reason for the club to up our offer to keep the Aussie for 10 in a row.

We found ourselves wanting on the flanks for the Newco’s 2nd goal but from there it was all Celtic.

Moussa’s deft touch and lovely lob secured parity for Celtic at the break and knocked the wind out of the Sevco sails.

From there we were hampered by a Tory MP with a fleg screaming for a red card for an innocuous challenge of which we saw far worse in the first half particularly.

Milking a red card, can’t shoot straight or stand up.

But Celtic was not to be denied, Hendry came on and displayed maturity beyond his years in the backline and from a sound defensive structure we went forward and grabbed our winner through fellow substitute Edouard.

We had a scare at the back in the dying seconds but Bain showed that he is a bargain at 200,000 quid pulling off a match-saving save only for the Colombian Sebo to fuff his lines and make the multi-million pound saviour of the Newco just another cheap player playing in a team full of players no one else wants.

 This will be seen far and wide for many years to come.

I can’t wait to wake in the morning and see how the SMSM spin this, Tory MP, 10 men, lead twice, Buffalo in front of an open goal… I assume it will still be a story of beating us.

Who can blame them, trying to beat the best isn’t easy and is something small teams like them consistently obsess over.




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