Coming up short

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The £5m volte face at the Royal Courts of Justice seems to have caused some discord to the King acolytes. On Thursday Je Suis Graham was shouting King’s name from the rooftops with a fervour akin to the evening call to prayer by the Istiqlal mosque in Jakarta. By Friday, Je suis had to don his burka again with the sinking realization that the King concert party had been unable to raise the £5m that was alleged to have been raised in an hour prior to the AGM. According to King the £5m was in the Metro bank account awaiting disbursement. As we found out on Friday it was a glib and shameless lie. King stood in front of his shareholders and lied to them. In most businesses, there would be calls for a chairman who lied so blatantly to fall on his sword. However not at Rangers. We seem to embrace liars. The narrative seems to be that as a Real Rangers Man he is permitted some latitude with the truth. Unfortunately Mr King does not even have a nodding acquaintance with the truth.


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