Corona cuts begin at Paradise

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Today we have seen in the DR that Celtic has furloughed members of staff who are not needed in the current environment whereby there is no work to be done.

I have learned many words in recent years, a concomitant problem that has arisen due to people of ethereal and metaphysical persuasion, but today I googled ‘furloughed’ to find out what it meant.

That is to say, workers who are given a leave of absence, one which Celtic are guaranteeing will be on 100% of wages, something that is commendable from the club on two levels.

Firstly, as a well-run business, should an incentive scheme be available to Celtic we would be stupid not to avail ourselves of it, we pay our tax and insurance and deserve what is due back to us when we need it.

Secondly, that all of our workers be them hospitality staff or Youth coaches are to be paid in full is a fine example of the ethos at Celtic, we are looking after the bottom and not just the top.

There have been noises out of UEFA that this season will be finished, that is great news for all Scottish fans as there will no doubt be a dogged title fight that we have heard would have been assured if not for this wretched virus.

That our club’s staff are financially secure is again a credit to both the board and its foresight.

If cuts need to be made, they must come from the bloated wage bill we currently have, there are far too many on it who haven’t contributed as much as the tireless workers of Celtic FC.