Could we fill 75-80,000 at Paradise? Should we renovate the Main stand? Poll inside.

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Let me start by saying that not one red brick should ever be scratched in any form of renovation, not a one.

But if we could enlist an architect and an engineer who could design and build the top deck at Celtic Park to meet up with the rest of the stadium that Fergus built, we would not have a cathedral of football, we would have the Vatican of it.

There have been some fancy drawings of a 3 tiered stadium, i don’t believe that is necessary, but should we take the roof off the main stand and build the stadium to a coherent conclusion you would imagine it would fit 75 to 80,000 supporters.

Lets think for a minute what this would mean, another 15 to 20,000 tickets would mean that we would have the ability to sell another 6 to 8 million per season worth of season books at £400 each.

Just say a surgical approach to the building was to cost us £60-80 million, this would mean a ten year repayment period to recoup the investment.

With southern vultures circling Dembele, it having been reported in various outlets that £40 million had been turned down in the winter.

Why not announce plans to spend double that on renovations and see what it does to the transfer climate?

£80 million is nothing to the English, hell Virgil looks like moving for £60 million and he is a defender.

I am not saying sell Moussa, i have written before that i believe he will be worth his weight in gold if he goes to Russia with Les Blues and that bidding should begin after that.

If he scores at the World Cup, £40 million wont buy you his boot laces.

Think of what PSG, Monaco, Real, Barca, AC Milan or Dortmund would pay let alone the cashed up English?

In the extended term, after taking all their records off Them, we could mount a case to move to the English Premiership and become the biggest club in their League very quickly.

Our support is global, our fan base fanatical and with a stadium eclipsing all of theirs our capacity to earn would soon exceed our opponents.

In the short to mid term we would have the capacity to blow Sevco out of the water with an extra £6 to 8 million per year, not to buy a handful of players fro Benfica B, but to buy a quality player instead.

At £50 per ticket for a Champions League match it would also mean £750,000 to £1 million per game more.

Over 3 matches that is a cool £2.25 million to £3 million for the group stages, the equivalent of an extra match.

It is hard enough to win at Parkhead for traveling teams as it is, if we upped the capacity by 25 to 33% it would be positively daunting.

We only need to get out of our group once and  it would pay for half of the redevelopment.

From there it is home and away ties until the final, 4 walls of Green and white would become a fortress giving us the best possible chance of going deeper.

We have a manager, team and business plan a grade above the rest, if we were to put the last piece in the jigsaw and upgrade the holy of holies, we would be in a commanding position to negotiate entry to the EPL or any prospective European super league.

We would be as big or bigger than the rest after all.

Should we renovate the Main stand taking capacity to 75-80,000?

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