Crisis at Celtic? How about 5 matches Slippy must win or he is finished.

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If Slippy doesn’t win the League Cup Semi Final vs Aberdeen he is as good as gone, especially if Celtic beat Hearts and go on to take what would be our 7th straight title and keep alive the Treble Treble, something no one is daring to whisper…yet.

It was almost a given that Stevie G would bring Celtic’s deck of cards tumbling down and that Rangers would come back better than ever.

In his next 5 matches Gerrard has some crucial matches, 1 of them is easy, the other 4 may prove beyond them and should they prove a field too far, the revolution will turn to revulsion.

We all know there are no better people for dipping down to the dirtiest level that pond life can summon than fans of The Rangers FC, a club that again was guilty of assault in plain sight with a coin hurling ned injuring a linesman as their fans screamed profanity.

But i digress, these are the games that could see Sevco fall out Europe, fall behind in the League and fall out of one of the two realistic trophies the Ibrox club can hope to win.

Game 1: Is on Thursday vs Rapid Vienna, this game being played at  Ibrox is crucial, these are 3 points it cannot afford to drop. This comes after playing a newly promoted team that by their own admission they had no idea how to score.

Game 2: Is vs league leader Hearts and again being at Ibrox it is a game they must win, it would surprise me if Hearts don’t at least get a point off them, they have been one of the clubs to maintain the mental scarring due to defeats from the Oldco, will this be the game the Diet put the Newco to bed?

Game 3: This is by far the easiest game vs Hamilton, they should win this one.

Game 4: Spartak Moscow is a far better team than Ufa who couldn’t beat Sevco when they were down to 9, being at Ibrox again makes this a must win game. Sevco will play 1 of their 3 remaining European games at home and that match is vs Seville.

Game 5: League Cup semi vs Aberdeen, if they lose this, on the back of points dropped in Europe and even Hearts then Slippy is finished. Gifting Celtic a trophy will be too much for the Peepul, he will make Christmas if he is lucky.

Not saying Celtic will easily beat Hearts or Aberdeen but the perception would be of our trophy to lose should the Peepul fall out of the cup.

The next month wreaks of Pedro, the excuses the delusion and that wonderful moment when the mainstream press finds out it has backed the wrong pony again.

Crisis at Celtic you say???