Cummings to Ibrox? Another reason we should horde local talent as they once did.

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I remember when Celtic bought Derek Riordan from Hibernian, the poor lad never got a game, that said he never banged in 20 a year for our rivals either.

Celtic have far more money than the Newco, their loan deals show the state of the finances there, but money does nothing for you in a bank, we need to spend.

We have done the right thing signing Lewis Morgan, we should be doing the same with Hendry and also John McGinn.

The money we have pulled in over the last 2 years has been phenomenal, why on earth are we maintaining the Auld Biskit Tin now when we are flush with cash?

The howl was a tenner for your fiver once upon a time, the Oldco managed to buy the best and have 2 squads that could win a Premiership match.

We should be doing the same, not spending beyond our means, but actually spending on the best of the rest, these players are not expensive.

I remember when Ryan Gauld went to Portugal, back in the day a talent like that would have been snapped up by the Ibrox club before anyone had a look in.

We are letting the best of Scotland to go to England on a pittance, why on earth aren’t we bidding for players we can afford and who can take the club forward?

McGinn is a player who we would truly fear if he wore light blue, he is a talented player with the characteristics of a natural born leader.

With Neil Lennon at the helm at Hibernian, you would think negotiations wouldn’t become protracted especially with Liam Henderson at the ready for a swap plus cash.

People say Hendry isn’t Celtic quality, but then again how many players do we bring in at under a million pounds that we expect to become Celtic quality overnight?

One thing is for sure, he is a damn side better than McCrorie or Alaves let alone Cardoso.

We shouldn’t allow them to pick up local bargains which would improve their squad exponentially, we should be buying anyone worth the speculation and leaving them the dreck or expensive transfers they so love.

Cummings was on offer for a snip in the last window, now he is on his way to Mordor and will doubtless score goals there.

In the meantime, we have Edouard maturing for his parent club, with little possibility Celtic will spend 7 million quid on a squad player.

We should have snapped up Cummings in the Summer, just as we should buy McGinn and Hendry during this window.

Our club is minted yet we are allowing gems to slip through our fingers, it is time to buy and develop.

We have the most money and the best manager in the League after all.