Cybernetic Warfare Is Simply An Addition To Blood And Guts Warfare

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With the UK Labour Party self-immolating in fine old style as various factions debate its policies on nuclear armaments, specifically the Trident submarine-launched ballistic missile system, the impotent membra virile of the Royal Navy, it is worth noting that some military experts now believe that the world’s major, nuclear-armed nation-states will eventually discard such wanton weapons of mass destruction in their future defence and security policies. Why lay waste to an enemy’s city, and invite annihilation on your own head, when you can simply bring it to a standstill for several hours or days or weeks at a time? An extract from a lengthy Guardian article by Julian Borger:

“In a hotel in the Estonian capital Tallinn, 400 soldiers and civilians are taking part in Nato’s biggest ever cyber war game, Locked Shields. At ranks of computer screens, young men with crew cuts in camouflage fatigues sit interspersed with teams of male and female hackers in green and yellow T-shirts, most in their early 20s, many with piercings and tattoos.

In a separate conference room, a team of hackers in red T-shirts are sequestered away. They have researched the latest cyber weapons in circulation on the darknet and are throwing them at competing teams taking part here and remotely, from various Nato capitals and bases. The aim, says Colonel Artur Suzik, the Estonian army officer who is the game’s host, is “to put these people under stress”.