Daily Record tries to sell Rodgers for us to English top 6

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The Daily Record, that bastion of truth and impartiality has pounced on the comments of Jamie Redknapp who has said that:

“If I was a Premier League chairman searching for a new manager, I would look no further than Brendan Rodgers. He could manage any of the clubs in the top six.”

Redknapp and the Record are right, Brendan could go to any of those smaller clubs and have a very real impact.

But the facts of the matter are that Brendan and his team for that matter, are going about building a dynasty and this is evidenced by the long-term contracts that are the flavour of the day at Paradise.

Far from liquidating our clubs best for short-term gain, we are investing in our current stocks and looking to build fo the long term.

Redknapp made an interesting point, one that can be rebutted from an interview Rodgers gave just the other day.

Firstly Redknapp said that a great quality of Brendan is that he improves players and can add to the value of a teams squad, this is very true.

“Premier League chairmen will be thinking: ‘He will improve the value of my players.”

But just a week after blooding Mikey Johnston in a home draw to Kilmarnock Brendan revealed that you have a 6-week turn around in the Premier League and then you will be sacked.

There simply is too much pressure to gamble in such a results-driven environment as the EPL.

The Celtic gaffer looks like he is here for the long term, that he will be a man who will see his current contract out and go beyond.

Elements of the Scottish Main Stream Media are petrified by this, you can see their fear in every word they regurgitate from below.

The man who Joey Barton poked fun at for having never won a trophy in his career spent in the Premier League has come full circle it seems.

“While Celtic will not want to lose him, Rodgers is a manager tailor-made for the Premier League.”

Dream on, Brendan’s here for 10 in a row!