Dallas ghost must be kept away from Glasgow teams

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I was watching the Shame play Accies yesterday and saw the belter go in to bring Hamilton back on terms, I immediately thought if only this was 10 minutes later, it gives Dallas 10 minutes to conjure up a penalty.

I, of course, was being paranoid, he conjured up 2.

Now in fairness i would have called the first one a spot kick, the ball did hit his arm even though it was by his side, but the second penalty involved minimal contact and a dive if I have ever seen one.

In our upcoming Scottish matches, we have Hearts at Murrayfield in the League Cup semi-final, lowly Dundee and then a potential top of the table clash vs Hearts at Paradise.

Men like Dallas have no place refereeing Celtic or the club playing out of Ibrox, it has got to the stage whereby you might as well bet on Sevco depending on who the referee is.

Andrew Dallas is a chip off the old block if there ever was one, his father epitomised the “Mason in the Black” cliche and Junior is another referee whose decisions are baffling.

The SFA, of course, will back him to the hilt, when he is in such company as Beaton, Thomson and Madden it is hardly surprising that decisions that hand points to our cross-town challengers go unnoticed by the national press.

At the end of the season the Premiership will likely be settled by a handful of points, we can’t afford to have the Newco playing with a get out of jail card in the middle of the pitch.

They were woeful in general play and walk away with a 4-1 win, but this is how it feels to be Sevco, Victims again as you know, Stevie G’s mince but the refs will stop 10 in a row.