Dave King pours cold water on Gerrard’s war chest

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You have got to give it to Dave King he loves a good squirrel and knows when to release them, directors are jumping ship, the pie stall is in the pawn shop, they have no trophies and signed an under 18’s coach but they have the best team in Scotland.

If that is the case I would hate to see the worst team in Scotland.

He went on to say that the current players are better than they are playing, is he looking to keep the majority of them at Ibrox next year?

Is it a matter of man management to get the best out of Herrera, Pena and the rest?

If so someone who has never managed a team should do the trick.

King said in the Daily Record:

“I think to simplify the issue it’s about winning games.

“I think if we look at the team and my personal view is I think the team is better than they are playing.

“If you look at the way the team played when they came back from the Florida trip, they were playing really well – they were the best team in Scotland for that period.

“And then it kind of fell apart a little bit after the home game against Celtic, it lost its way a little bit.

“But I think Steven understands it’s about winning games, he understands this club is about winning games.

“If we can get back to winning games, getting players on board with the right character to play for Rangers and who are not intimidated by playing in front of 50,000 people at Ibrox.

“If he starts to get that right with the playing squad and with some further additions coming into the squad, then it’s about winning games and if we keep on winning games then we will also win titles.”

If you read between the lines, what Dave is saying is that there is no need to overhaul the squad, merely “some further additions” as the ones at Gerrard’s disposal are just fine, even the best in the country despite losing to Celtic at home, away and on neutral Hampden in the Cup.

He is right of course, it is about winning games, something Sevco did yesterday via a player they refused to pay £7,500 a week and lost to a club on a free transfer who is staring at demotion in Germany.

Luckily a war chest of £30 million is all the talk, I am sure it will materialise.