David Tanner’s bias rinsed by Celts videos and hard facts

Image for David Tanner’s bias rinsed by Celts videos and hard facts

David Tanner is parading about on Twitter looking for a job with a red top or a blue team, neither of which have much money unless he can do some painting or decorating.

Calling out Celtic and saying that we have received preferential refereeing and that VAR is a leveller is peak delusion, especially as it is absent any comment on the preferential treatment The Rangers receive week in week out.

The amount of handballs Connor Goldson gets away with is flabbergasting, when the VAR official sees the ball hit his hands they are scrambling for an IFAB manual to find a reason to let it slide, if a Newco player is so much as touched it is a penalty.

WWE wrestling moves are fine and Borna Barasic is allowed to hug whoever he wants in the box without sanction as he did vs Livingston.

Celts were on hand to call out his delusion.

Even kris Boyd has called VAR out.

VAR isn’t a form of technology that we should rid ourselves of, it is merely a form of technology that should be manned by foreign officials.

Get some Englishmen who have years of experience and have no allegiances to Celtic or The Rangers to man them, then we will see the leveller, 3rd and 4th will have a chance at coming second.

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