Deluded Bomber says NOT playing in Europe will ‘benefit’ Sevco

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Last night the old dinosaur got us all telt about how Celtic were running scared of the Ranjuurs and that was why we appointed Brendan Rodgers. There is an element of truth to that, we want to win and Rodgers is a world class gaffer.

But with yet another slow news day in Sevconia, the lamb corp have gone to their old favourite “9 in a row legend” for a quote:

“I’ve just felt it might not be a bad thing. The manager can focus on domestic football. I know the finances would have improved but for the manager to develop his squad, it will definitely help.

“Not playing in Europe will benefit a squad which last season was tight.

“I felt from my own experience of playing in Europe, we were going into intense games and then going into, with all due respect, the likes of Falkirk and Motherwell, and to get back up to that level, well it was the physical and mental side, there would be a lot of travelling, and getting back at four on a Thursday morning and then we were playing on the Saturday. There were no Sunday games.

“Just to get yourself back up there you might have been playing at 90 per cent, you would have been given everything but 10 per cent wasn’t there. It had been taken away from you in a midweek game.

“So I think that will be a benefit for the manager. If Rangers get into Europe next season then that would be great – but for this one focus on the domestic side of things and establish themselves back in the league.”

Now i have put the whole quote in because within the rambling he actually condescends to a couple of tax paying teams as well.


If ‘Well needed another bit of motivation to gub the Shame Bomber just said it.

When Sevco play Motherwell next season i hope someone reads Bombers quote out in the dressing rooms and maybe get a picture of Moshni to motivate the lads. What a melt.

This form of journalism is nauseating, it is essentially the sunny side up version of events. Whatever happens on the park you can bet that if Sevco won under any circumstances, it was glorious. If they lost under any circumstances then they were robbed.

When it is a defeat however the fanzines have learned the algorithm to get the highest sales. Firstly rage, rage, rage! They rage for days bleating and screaming and threatening. Have you managed to find a corner of Scotland let alone the internet that isn’t stained with the Zombies tears?

Then the fanzines go to every Sevco fans favourite subject at the universities they never attended, Philosophy. We start to speak in the conditional about Sevco and how problems aren’t really problems but they are in fact opportunities.

When Celtic dropped out of Europe i don’t remember the Fanzines appropriating from this ethereal conceptualisation, i can’t remember Ronny being consoled at the extra focus he would have after Molde.

The sunny side is always up in Sevconia, ask “9 in a row legned* Bomber Brown”. When your club is in debt, no need for extra cash, when your out of Europe focus on domestic honours.

When you think of it, with a European ethos of we dont care, it is no wonder they had to award themselves their tainted stars. Our star by beautiful contrast shines brightly and eternal as the mark of a great team, managed by a Lion, playing in the strip of my bloodline.

Put that in your fanzine Bomber.