Deluded Durham calls Celtic ‘Cheats’ and compares us to Oldco over Fraser loan

Image for Deluded Durham calls Celtic ‘Cheats’ and compares us to Oldco over Fraser loan

For starters, Adrian Durham has skated around open slander in his rant against Celtic saying that we have ‘cheated’ our way to the Betfred Cup.

His pain was there for all to see and hear as he suggested that Celtic shouldn’t have Forster in the team unless we pay all his wages.

Apparently, Defoe’s subsidized wage whereby Bournemouth are paying 65k per week for the 37-year-old doesn’t bother him.

Like Defoe, Forster fell on hard times in the EPL and made the move to Glasgow to reinvigorate his career and from their respective clubs perspective, to lighten the wage bill.

That is the general purpose of loans, to get players not in the managers thinking into form so they can be used later or sold on.

He went one further however linking Celtic to the defunct Oldco, whilst they spent above and beyond as well as with illegal side letters, Celtic has done everything above board.

The comparison is shameful and disparaging and is yet another act of character assassination of our club and its staff, from Lennon who organized the deal, Lawwell who signed off on it and of course big Fraser who deserves praise not pish.

Listen to this garbage below, seriously, if you can say these things then really what lines are there left to be crossed?

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