Deluded Lafferty re writes history in quest for “55”

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It is always fun to see how fools misunderstand the lessons of history, how they pretend things didn’t happen that they disagree with like the death of a Football club or how they claim clubs like Celtic are a Newco because we didn’t leave the face painter in the lurch to avoid embarrassment.

Today the DR has come out with a comical piece which is aimed at soothing the sores of another Glasgow Derby defeat that was among the most one-sided ever on the pitch but not on the scoresheet.

Lafferty who returned to his swan-diving best during the derby to get Broony a yellow card without any contact, persistently fouled Celtic and showed that the same cheat who left the Oldco has indeed rejoined the Newco.

On his departure from the Oldco he said he didn’t want to play for the new team Sevco, now to make amends with the hard of thinking he has cleared things up with the usual crap about going for 55.

After making an honourable mention of Sevco’s European adventures in Russia he said:

“Obviously there is going to be no excuses for the performance we’ve put in and Celtic were probably the better team on the day but we are on a good road now and a good path and we’re going to kick on and we’ll be much closer to Celtic. Everyone in the Rangers dressing room believes that we’ll get 55 and that this will be the year we’ll win the league.”

Well, he got one thing right, we were the better team, at least he understands something.

As for getting closer to Celtic, 7th place suits them, I honestly hope we win the League late in the year and Slippy stays on, the man is born to runner-up in League Football.

In fact, Lafferty said it best, Gerrard is the “next best thing”, better than Pedro and Murty but nowhere close to Brendan.