Deluded Savage gives Gerrard an 8/10, so if he wins the Betfred is that a 9, Scottish Cup a 10? What score the League or a treble?

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The sycophants are strong south of Hadrian’s and often rush to defend their own as if land of hope and glory is playing in the background, even those who don’t support Liverpool let alone those who were good enough to play for them see the mileage in sticking up for Slippy.

But math has never been the strong suit of the media post 2012, teams that have existed since then can simultaneously be going for their 55th title at the same time as being the most successful team in Football whilst having no top flight honours to their names.

Now on the scale of making Scottish Football interesting, Steven Gerrard has got an 8 out of 10 for notching a win rate of 50% in his brown brogues, I wonder what would constitute a 9 let alone a 10.

To be fair to receive a 10 you would need an undefeated treble season, something we did a few years back, but even then it had a few draws in it meaning by mathematical fact, it was a 9. something.

So after falling out of both cups and shelling points for fun across the premiership, failing to beat Hibernian in 3 games, winning only once vs Aberdeen in contrived circumstances to say the least whilst gifting teams like Livingston and Dundee points along the way equals 80% efficacy?

I wonder exactly how bad a season it would take to get a 7? Let alone the 4 which Sutton handed Gerrard the morning before the Newco’s capitulation to Kilmarnock where it again shipped 2 points in yet another meek display.

Yet again Chris Sutton is proving himself a one man media team, his words haunt managers, he is listened to by all even if half refuse to admit he is right until it is too late.

His claim that the pendulum had swung lead to panic among the Celtic support and forced the boards hand with the signings of Burke, Weah, Bayo, Shved and Toljan, our most productive window for our former manager.

His rating of Gerrard heaped pressure on the rookie just when he needed it least, that others tried their best to burst the bubble with their praise has only validated Sutton’s judgement and destroyed their own yet again.

Sutton does love to attack cheerleaders, especially on their own programs, long may it continue.