Deluded Warbo claims “No major gulf between us”

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The gulf between Celtic and the team playing at Ibrox is as great as it has ever been in its entire history.

Seriously, the record score was 2-0 in this fixture before yesterdays 5-1 gubbing at the hands of Brendan Rodgers merciless Celtic.

Even in the Oldco era we would have to go back to the last time Celtic won 9 consecutive titles, to think of an era whereby we so dominated our neighbours.

Their mince.

Deluded Warbo claims he wouldn’t swap one of our players for one of theirs.

He rambled in the Daily Record:

“My job is to ask ‘Who would I take from their squad and swap?’ And I don’t see a major gulf there.

“We got beat 5-1 so they have the bragging rights and deserved to win – but there’s no major gulf between us.”

I mean lets be serious here, what about swapping Kieran Tierney for grassing Lee Wallace?

Wallace was made to look stupid for an hour by James Forrest on our right flank and we regularly got in behind him.

Have a look at KT by contrast.

He put in a tradesman’s shift, hoisting the ball into the stands where he may have taken a touch under different stakes.

He didn’t put a foot wrong, was box to box in attack and defence.

Tierney was an almost constant overlap throughout the match and linked up brilliantly with his centre halves behind him and equally impressively with Sinclair and Rogic in front of him.

What manager on earth wouldn’t look at the two performances and take the Manx starlet over the ageing lower League veteran?


Kranjcar and Barton are the worst signings at Ibrox since Sebo.

Kranjcar should have been sent off for a litany of fouls. He was slow and clearly off the pace of Scottish Premiership football.

If he came to Scotland looking for easy trophies and a fat pay check, then he would like to hope the Newco honour his bloated salary.

Because he will be having none of the former.

Barton was best summed up on Celtic TV by Paul Cudihy:

“I don’t know why Joey Barton got the player of the year in the Championship. He has had a howler. Long may it continue.”

I must profess that i do not watch a lot of English Championship football, I support Celtic, so i haven’t seen a lot of Joey Barton.

That said i have never in my life heard so much guff from a player for so long and then failing so badly to back it up.

His battle of words with brown has been comical at times.

The Skipper has rolled his eyes at numerous baited questions and done everything he can to starve the upstart of oxygen in a welcome display of maturity.

Broony summed it up best yesterday saying it was like “Men against boys” an assessment that is hard to disagree with after Celtic played Sevco off the pitch.

Brown schooled Barton in particular and Barton’s pathetic simulation was emblematic of him as a man.

Pure disgrace.

Crazy Mark Warburton threw Senderos into his first game for the club and indeed of his club less season against the Champions at Paradise.

For whatever reason he handled the ball intentionally and was given a second yellow and subsequent red card.

After he serves his ban he will return to a club where his manager wouldn’t swap him for Erik Sviatchenko or Kolo Toure.

He can have a chat to Kenny Miller who Warbo wouldn’t swap for Dembele.

After that he might bump into Windass, McKay and Garner who Warbo wouldn’t let go for want of Forrest, Rogic and Sinclair.

Tavernier, who is ritually linked with moves for millions has got to be one of the worst defenders ever to play at Govan.

He isn’t bad in attack and is good over a dead ball, but fundamentally has no concept of the positioning required to defend.

Lustig whilst having his position under fire from Gamboa and Janko produced an assured performance far superior than that of the Light Blues favourite.

There wasn’t a player from Sevco that can say they out played their opposite number and with Wes shipping 5, that goes for the Keepers too.

Warbo has lost his mind, the funny thing is the press will lap it up.

Let the deluded believe what they want, the gulf will be there for all to see in a few weeks when Aberdeen beat them and we open up a lead Jelavic would pay out on.

Things are going to get worse before they get better for Sevco.

If they don’t see a problem, they wont fix it.

To quote Celtic TV’s Paul Cudihy “Long may it continue.”