Delusion is not an illusion

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Sometimes you blink and shake your head after reading a headline in the DR, then you find your eyes were not lying, some idiot actually said that and another one actually printed it.

Never has this been more true than with career criminal Dave King, his latest spat with reality has given us all a good chuckle.

In the forums and pages which Bampots populate, the citizens are however throwing up some interesting and indeed worrying facts.

Why has this gone unchallenged by the SFA?

Surely they have a duty to uphold the integrity of the competition?

Every other club must be seething reading Kings delusional words, it is as if the Scottish rank and file fans and players do not exist.

As always, its all aboot the Ranjuurs!

If you are an Aberdeen or Hearts fan then you can be especially aggrieved, Hearts beat Sevco to promotion from the Championship and the Dons to second place in the Premiership, both convincingly.

Both are by fact far more established Premiership teams.

Then there is everyone else, now being fed on the line of “Rangers removal” from the Premiership.

These same clubs who enforced sporting integrity and rejected the parachuting of the Newco into the Premiership and then into Division 1 as it was then known demanded that the new club start from scratch.

The Peepul of course had a vote stating that they wanted to begin their journey from the basement, the old Division 3.

Of course that was to prevent a third consecutive League not admitting them to its ranks.

There was no ‘removal’ nor a ‘demotion’ or ‘relegation’, the Newco was asked to start at the beginning as they were an entirely new team.

The survival lie is warping with each interview the convicted tax cheat gives.

Soon their ‘journey’ will have become a soiree and their lower league history an adjustment cycle, the semantics of guff know no bounds.

The SFA, who have themselves publicly stated that they hope Pedro’s Parishioners can topple Celtic and make the league more interesting by beating that ghastly Rodgers, are the root cause of the blame.

Their silence is deafening.

If King’s statement is allowed to stand without query from Hampden, they are effectively drawing a line through every team in Scotland, saying they are there as fodder for the Glasgow teams, merely making up the numbers.

League titles only count between the two “Glasgow giants”, it isn’t a national competition, it is merely Celtic vs Them.

If any other club on earth came out with this delusion, they would be sanctioned back to the stone age.

A time populated by cretins like David Cunningham King.