Dembele fake news a disgrace to journalism

Recently we have seen the Main Stream Media start to mimic Bloggers by opening their own podcasts and starting up surrogate blogs like Football Whispers to circumvent libel.

The algorithm is simple, someone says something ABOUT a club and then it is printed in the MSM as if it comes FROM the club.

Firstly the bloggers or podcasters say something, the next day in The Sun, Mirror, Star and Mail we will read how it has been ‘reported’ along with a headline of pure clickbait.

The latest is revolving around The Transfer Window Podcast which is itself nothing but an attempt to create news which can fill column inches.

Ian McGarry said this of Dembele without stating that it had actually been said to him:

“Dembele believes he’s got a very good spot of making the France squad for the World Cup,” 

“And he thinks if he stays at Celtic his chances will be diminished because after Christmas he’ll be playing in the Europa League and he’ll be playing in what is regarded by many people in Europe as an inferior league.

“And if he moved to the Premier League and banged in a few goals he would very much be on the radar for the World Cup.”

Now Moussa may well believe he is a good shot at the World Cup, but he has never to my knowledge publicly stated that staying at Celtic will diminish his chances.

These are peoples opinions, this isn’t news, his next pearl of wisdom was to read Brendan’s mind.

 “I think the manager recognises the player is interested in a new challenge and does want to leave Scottish football.”

So instead of printing what has been said by the player or the manager they merely tell you what the player ‘believes’ or the manager ‘thinks’ without ever having asked them.

His fellow Podcaster Duncan Castles, however, is either ignorant or a belligerent liar.

“Celtic are keen to get Dembele out in this transfer window.

“From what I understand they need a bit of cashflow in.

“And remember if they can take £20m-plus for Dembele, that is by some margin the biggest transfer fee the club has ever received.”

From what he understands we “need a bit of cash flow”… Jesus wept!

As of September 20, the clubs revenue is up 74% and Celtic FC plc was at that time worth £90.6 million.

The club has produced accounts stating that at no time in our history have we ever had so much money, the club has never been this minted.

Our playing squad is worth well in excess of £50 million, our stadium has the highest capacity and our fans pay the most for season tickets.

Our sponsorship deals and merchandise sales are at record levels and we are looking at bringing in £10 million for Sviatchenko and Simunovic this window.

At the same time, the company across the city is broke, living hand to mouth pretending to be another club, if you want a cash flow crisis look there.

Journalism is a dying art, papers are closing, TV audiences plummeting as people turn to fresh sources of media to get their information.

Journalists themselves have seen the writing on the wall and are adapting by using a contrived version of podcasting and blogging as a source so their papers can state it as something ‘reported’.

Don’t buy the papers, don’t read their pish, no green tree should die to print a blue lie.



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