Devaluation: Morelos, Windass McCrorie, Halliday, Candeias and Tavernier nosedive

Sevco didn’t just lose today, they lost poorly and in doing so lost a lot of the value of their so-called star players, let us go through them one by one.

Morelos, the Buffalo truly has shot his hopes of playing for a decent team in the head after failing to score in front of an open goal for the 2nd time from 4 yards, to compound his misery he stated publicly he would score vs Celtic, his name is now mud.

Windass for some reason was on the bench, a player recently described by the deluded as worth millions wasn’t worth a starting place and once he came on was persona non grata, he was nowhere near anything of any substance.

McCrorie was described by Pedro as the best defender in the universe or something similar, he is today bathed in shame for a petulant challenge, surely Hendry is a far better option for Scotland than this charlatan beside Bates when he establishes himself in Bundesliga 2.

Candeias is the worst player I have ever seen at an Ibrox club, his reaction to being substituted was pure comedy, the man who can do nothing but cross a ball or score at training is happily on an improved contract at the Newco.

Tavernier has been lauded as a right-sided KT  by the deluded and is happily at Sevco for 10 in a row, he again showed himself to be poor in defence and erratic in attack, a photocopy of Candeias, having 2 men whose specialty is to kick a dead ball and do very little else is great news for Celtic.

All in all, the Newco lost a shot at Europe today, they also lost a chance at a maiden trophy, but most tellingly, their squad’s value was halved.

I can’t wait for the 11 million quid stories for Alf in the summer.



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